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Our Mission

Holy Family Home and Shelter, Inc. is run by the Sisters of Charity of our Lady Mother of the Church. The home endeavors to serve those families whose circumstances have deprived them of an adequate lifestyle and housing. Holy Family Home and Shelter does not seek to pass judgment on any person for their current or past lifestyle. The Home offers families a warm hearted environment while providing nourishment with shelter in a kind Christ - like manner. The Shelter's safe harbor allows for assistance in finding solutions to alleviate their own situation for those capable of living in harmony with others, while respecting mutual rights.

Our Current Fundraisers

1. Tealess Tea - please send donations to the shelter
< br> 2 CYCLE OF LIFE - please go to Go Fund Me.com

Dear family, friends, colleagues, coworkers, neighbors and community members. My name is Mark Fisherkeller and I am known in different ways to near all of you. Our family has lived in Willimantic and Willington for over thirty - five years. Last May I retired from medical practice. For thirty - five years I have been a cardiologist serving our communities, Windham Hospital, our physician staff and community. My family and medical vocation has been my life achievement. Since retirement I have pursued other interests: bicycling, sailing, courses at ECSU and working part time in Kalispell Montana. This is the hospital where daughter Rachel works as a pediatric surgical APRN. I plan a new challenge this summer. I will bicycle from Anacortes Washington to Glacier National Park as a fund raiser to assist our Holy Family Home and Shelter and to experience the beauty of this part of our country. The ride will take me thru the width of Washington, upper Idaho and the western third of Montana and approximately 1000 miles. My ride will be unsupported and for the most part solo. This means riding alone between 30 - 100 miles/day (there is a 50 - mile mountain climb in Washington) camping, some motels, fixing flats, bike repairs, talking to myself and those I meet and seeing this magnificent part of our country at between 5 - 25 mph. After Glacier I will return to Whitefish for the birth of our first grandchild. So why would I want to do this? I have loved bicycling since day when dad gave me my first bike in Pittsburgh in third grade. I later rode that bike to and from grade school and took bike hikes with friends. A bicycle was my transportation for medical school in Philadelphia. Early in my career I would ride Rachel to daycare at Windham Hospital in a small towed trailer. A favorite activity, riding with family and friends, has long been a source of socialization, recreation, exploration and at times therapy. When seated in a saddle the sensation of being a young boy with freedom to search for adventure has never left me. As a physician cycling has been a source of exercise and fitness when running was no longer possible. I have long wanted to take a bike trip across our country. Having achieved 70 years and retirement it is time. And why would I have us support The Holy Family Home and Shelter? The Sisters of Charity and staff, and what they do is a part of the fundamental goodness and humanity of Willimantic. For thirty years they have provided meals, housing, assistance and education to our most vulnerable people in need, especially young mothers. The shelter relies on the sisters, volunteerism, grants, anonymous helpers and God daily to continue their mission. My personal perspective of the kindness, love and generosity of the Sisters was formed as they helped to shape me. I lived four years with the Sisters of Mercy and Sisters of St. Joseph in grade school. They are part of me and I am forever indebted. “We will not be judged by how may diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many good things we have done. We will be judged by, “ I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat. I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless and you took me in.” Mother Teresa I am grateful for your support of this bicycle trip, this cycle of life. Mark Fisherkeller M.D.

Who We Are

Holy Family Home and Shelter, Inc., a non - profit organization, is a 28 bed home and shelter for fathers, mothers and their children, and a small number of single females. Residents, who stay an average of 60 days, are provided with 3 meals a day, life skills workshops, case management, laundry facilities, an education program for children, assistance with permanent housing and employment searches, and referrals to other agencies as needed. A staff of 13, including case managers, provide support, a safe environment, and professional assistance. Through case management and workshops we assist our families with the information they need to rebuild their lives. The shelter works with the families to create budgets, formulate life plans and encourage further education. Those in need of help with mental health and/or addiction problems find additional assistance through local programs such as Perception Programs, Inc.

Prospective residents are admitted through a collaborative effort of the Eastern Connecticut Coordinated Access Network.. Admitted residents must be willing to adhere to shelter rules, follow curfews, help with daily chores, and participate in case management, including spending plans.

Holy Family receives a grant from the Department of Housing, State of Connecticut. Funding also comes from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Town of Mansfield, the Child and Adult Care Feeding Program (U.S. Deptartment of Agriculture), and other grantors. Approximately 30% comes from civic groups, churches, schools, and individuals, with individual donations comprising the largest amount of this group. Holy Family also obtains funds through its annual raising events: Cardless Christmas, Tealess Tea, and other efforts.

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